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About the Brand

Joanique is an emerging contemporary brand reflective of authentic design, cultural reference and hand crafted excellence. Founded in 2011 by Malou Romero, Joanique is a Philippine-based fashion accessory brand that thrives to showcase modern and distinct handmade creations which define a global Filipino artistry. Each masterpiece is a fusion of natural components with visionary advocacy of awareness and sustainability.

Designer’s Philosophy

From interest to love, fascinations to untamed passion, is the fire fuelling the artistry behind every piece in Joanique. Malou’s works seamlessly incorporate a fusion of cultural connection in a contemporary design.

As a creative driver behind Joanique, Malou oversees the design, material selection and production of every masterpiece she crafts.

It has been Malou’s mantra that every creative process defines an experience of understanding that each creation conveys a story.